Feedback on a specific MPA, or on this project in general, is most gratefully accepted, and can be delivered in several ways.
If you wish to comment on an MPA already in our database, please use the search page on this web site to navigate to the MPA. From there you will be given the option of ammending or commenting on the existing information.

If you wish to add a new MPA, one not already in the database, then once again the search page on this web site gives you that option.

In order to edit or add MPAs online, please register at the ‘log in‘ part of the website. Registration is required to enable us to explicitly acknowledge your contribution to MPA Global.

If, instead of providing suggestions online, you would prefer to notify us of (and ideally provide us with) relevant literature, please email us at

For all other feedback you may telephone, fax or email the project manager, using the contact details supplied on this page, or submit a comment using the message form below.

Citation:  If you intend to use this database for meta-analysis, please contact the project manager.
              Please cite the database as:
              Wood, L. J. (2007). MPA Global: A database of the world's marine protected areas. Sea Around Us Project,
              UNEP-WCMC & WWF.

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